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Read About Our Organization


Our Story

Premier Moms takes pride in assisting moms with work-life balance through its focus on training, mentoring, and networking. Moms meet once per month virtually to learn valuable life skills from successful moms in various professions.

Each mom can have a Mom Mentor to help guide them in their career or family life. 

We provide a safe place for moms to network with each other while building up their contacts and resources.  In addition, we enjoy helping families and students save time by providing a wash & fold laundry service to them with pick-up and delivery.


To strengthen, support and promote moms in the workforce or in school by providing personal and professional development, mentors, and networking opportunities.


Empowering moms to first take care of themselves in order to be effective in their family, community, at work or in school.

Core Values

Honesty, Love, Work-life Balance, Innovation, Support,

Integrity, Positivity, Communication, Respect, and Diversity

Meet Our Founder

Shereka Nicole is the CEO and founder of Premier Moms who founded the organization based on the needs of other moms in her area and her own personal experiences as a married and single mom raising two kids in elementary school. 

Also, she conducted more than a years’ worth of research to start her organization.

Shereka Nicole has a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Florida, Master of Education from Strayer University, and is in pursuit of her doctoral degree in Counseling.

Shereka Nicole is a children’s book author with more than 10 years of experience working with children and families. She takes pride in helping others and empowering moms to put themselves first. 

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